Snack Wagon Concessions
     Snack Wagon Concessions is a forerunner of concession/snack foods.  We wanted to create a festival and fair menu that is different, but fresh, and most importantly, delicious.  You can stop by our tent and get something for everyone in the family and chances are you will be back for seconds.  We do lots of fried delicacies put also do fantastic Greek dishes, a fried ravioli that is to die for, all the backyard BBQ favorites (e.g., pulled pork, burgers, sausages, you name it) and everything in between.  We are a couple of professionals turned concessionaires, entrepreneurs and foodies.  We travel 7 states to date, selling food at approximately 30 events annually.  
    From the beginning our homemade fried pickle slices (served with ranch dressing) were the most popular item and everyone wanted to know our secrets to the best fried pickles.  We have kept tight lipped, until now.  We are now super excited to announce that we are packaging and selling our fried pickle mix so everyone can make crispy fried pickles in their own kitchen.  You can buy it by the pound on this website or you can find us at the next event!  Follow us on facebook!

contact us for your party or catering needs

Whether you are needing to host a get-together with the guys or gals or you need to impress someone with a birthday party, we are here to take the pressure off when it comes to the food.  We will work with you to develop a menu that fits your budget and we will always provide high quality food in a fun environment. We can develop a menu for the backyard BBQ, a festival menu for a child's birthday party or a nice sit down meal with as many dishes as you would like.  Please call or email us to talk about how we can help your party of catering needs.                                                                                                       Phone:  336.558.9708                          Email:

Snack Wagon hustling making fried pickles, brownies, oreos, mozzarella cheese sticks and tater tots and popcorn chicken.  .  

SC Strawberry Festival