About Snack Wagon

Snack Wagon is a North Carolina based catering and concession business created in 2011 by Erin Riddle.  After working in Public Health for a decade she decided it was time to make a living doing something she loved and Snack Wagon was born.   The focus of Snack Wagon from the beginning was to create high quality, family friendly food.  We began selling food at festivals throughout North Carolina in 2011.  The original menu was fried pickles, mozzarella cheese bites, fried brownies, grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich, hummus pita and falafel pita.  Within a few years we had expanded to 6 states and began to cater events.  Snack Wagon takes pride in working with local schools and businesses while donating a cut of the profit back to said establishment.  We have worked with Greyhound Friends on NC, Partners! Canines, and numerous schools.  If your business or organization is looking for fundraising opportunities give us a call or email.  We also work with churches for large events and set up at wineries and breweries.  In 2017 Snack Wagon had the opportunity to serve a five course tapas dinner to a group of 100 wine club members at Midnight Magdalena Vineyards and provided 350 food pairing dishes for a wine and food pairing event.  In 2014 we began selling our pickle mix in one pound bags for retail because so many people stated that our fried pickles are the best they have ever had and people wanted to know the secrets.   Pickle mix can be purchased on this website as well as at festivals and four stores in North Carolina.  We have also had the to opportunity to cater two weddings and numerous birthday or anniversary parties.